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Co-Creating Culture - please get involved!

There are heaps of great books, papers and research studies out there which are all pointing in a similar direction, guiding us to understand the core components of a healthy culture, and the leadership, team and behavioural aspects of these.

In my work in and across organisations, I started pulling together the key things I had learnt from the wealth of literature I’ve read and the deep, lived experience of the thousands of people I’ve worked with. This morphed into a framework which I have used in a range of contexts, and which my clients seem to find helpful and energising (so they tell me!)

It’s simply intended to be an at-a-glance way of capturing the latest thinking on numerous, connected aspects of developing and leading a healthy culture. I have called the framework Co-Creating Culture - have a look at it here.

I am aware it isn’t perfect!
It’s grounded in literature, and blends excellent work from many sources.
I would like it to become a practical, realistic and inspiring basis for conversations and development work on How we Co-Create our Culture.

Please feel free to comment on it and offer suggested improvements below.
See a detailed practical example of Co-Creating Culture here
And if you would like to explore using this in your context, please contact me here!

Thanks for helping to co-create this work!

Image by Beate Bachmann