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Stunningly helpful
— Director of Service Transformation
Excellent - if more people had access to this type of development at many levels in organisations, we could significantly improve how we work and lead
— Clinical Lead, Cancer charity
This developmental work on leading collectively across organisations was a pivotal point for me. It has enabled me to have conversations with our senior managers about exploring different ways of doing our joint leadership work.
— OD Lead, NHS Trust
This single day of learning will influence the whole of my practice for years to come - well worth the time spent
— Team Leader, Children's Services
Jeanne’s calm and facilitative style, coupled with her ability to challenge individual and corporate behaviours made her an excellent choice for this board development event. Always well-prepared, she is able to move ‘off script’ where necessary, and manages to synthesise and summarise developments and conclusions in a way that is succinct, accurate and timely.
— Chair, Mental Health NHS Trust
“I want to say again what a powerful impression Jeanne and her colleague made on the leadership group in the way that they engaged them and the approach taken. They generated a lot of energy and excitement.
— Assistant Director for Research & Evaluation, Policy ThinkTank
Jeanne has the great ability of asking the right question in such a way that it opens the flood gates of thinking. She never lets me off the hook, pursuing a line of thinking and exploration that has brought me to a positive and clear path forward when, quite frankly, I had been in a total fog.
— Director of Integrated Care
As an incredibly busy NHS leader, my work with Jeanne made me to stop and reflect on the impact my behaviour has on team members and staff, and the importance of supportive relationships to achieve the best outcomes
— Chief Executive, Community NHS Foundation Trust
A very safe place to learn how to deal with complex situations across organisations.
— Team Leader, Ambulance Service
Jeanne combines professional facilitation skills with an impressive empathy and insight into the complex needs of both her client, and their beneficiaries.
— Involvement Manager, National Charity
Positive feedback continues to flood in! You judged the needs of this middle leadership group perfectly and clearly made them think deeply about their motivations, ambitions and leadership practice. I am sure the impact will carry on - we look forward to working with you again
— Headteacher, Secondary School Academy Trust
Most powerful for me was really appreciating how disempowered people can feel throughout the organisation - sometimes through lack of thought or awareness by more senior folk - and not feeling valued for the vital role that they are contributing to tasks.

I more often now have proper conversations with people at all levels and doing different jobs throughout the organisation, and try to let them know that Senior Managers are keen to hear their ideas, and we try to offer feedback and appreciation more regularly.
— Chief Executive, Sheffield-based charity
This was practical learning which has stayed with me well because it felt relevant and engaging. It provided experience I can share with others when discussing how we lead collectively rather than in silos.
— Multi-agency project lead
Jeanne has facilitated developmental work for our CCGs to address complex challenges for local partner organisations. She provides excellent facilitation and fully delivers the brief, holding the room to account by providing the right amount of challenge to maintain effective relationships.
— Chief of Corporate Affairs, NHS Clinical Commissioning Group
Jeanne’s large, relevant repertoire of facilitation approaches enabled the group into a safe, trusting but challenging work context. She always had her eye on the ball regarding process, content and dynamics.
— GP & Course Organiser
Jeanne approached the group with positivity and a ‘light touch’, but was not afraid to deal with areas where we got stuck. Her facilitation has enabled the group to refine our own facilitation skills and apply these in other contexts. This modelling of diverse facilitation skills is a most positive endorsement of Jeanne’s style and ability.
— GP and Mental Health Lead
Regular, protected coaching time with Jeanne allows me to unpick what I am doing as a leader and the impact this has. It helps me think deeply about how I work with colleagues to make improvements in our school. Jeanne has helped me develop the skills for those difficult but essential conversations to enhance performance. 1-1 coaching has definitely made me a more effective day-to-day leader.
— Headteacher, Secondary Academy School
“This was a brilliant day. We have turbulent, unpredictable times and this development work left no doubt: how we as leaders and colleagues behave together can release energy for change among our workforce so that every customer feels they are special.”
— Managing Director, UK-wide retailer
Jeanne is helping me and the Executive team understand the positive value that collective leadership has on empowering a large and diverse workforce to deliver their best for patients.
— Chief Executive, NHS Foundation Trust
Impact4 were an excellent team - approachable, welcoming and knowledgeable. Generally fantastic!
— Health Improvement Manager, North Yorkshire
I found the collective leadership development work impactful in a deep way. I keep returning to the learning and remembering it in my interactions with individuals and teams both within and externally to my organisation.
— Third sector manager
Jeanne ran an excellent development session for our senior leaders’ group that enabled us to move on and into more strategic planning and brought the members together. She has great facilitation skills, a light touch and a raft of methods in her toolkit to help people move through complex relationships and issues to action.
— Service Director, Adult Social Care and Health, Metropolitan Borough Council
Jeanne managed to get 18 individual high-fliers to work in synergy by enabling us to speak about one another to one another in front of one another. She was crystal clear in her observations. Jeanne enabled self-belief to grow in a large group of battle-weary directors.
— Medical Director, Mental Health NHS Trust
Jeanne’s key strengths include her refined listening skills and her ability to hear messages that others oversee. Her observation of group dynamics enables her to provide feedback in a truthful and sensitive manner. She has a very flexible approach.
— Service Development Manager, NHS Trust
Jeanne’s work for us was really successful and has led to very positive outcomes within the organisation. We were impressed by the effective and open approach to project definition, sound project management and delivery of a detailed report to a tight deadline. Jeanne got quickly to the heart of the issues.

“Jeanne has facilitated a number of challenging events for us, that have been highly successsful. It is a pleasure to work with her.
— Head of Workforce Modernisation