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Collective Leadership Laboratory™

What is it?

Designed by our Impact4Health team, the Collective Leadership Laboratory™ turns the theory of collective, compassionate leadership into practice. The patient and citizen perspective is embedded into the approach.

The Collective Leadership Lab™ is a practical, dynamic, high impact development experience, in which groups of colleagues ‘observe ourselves in action’ as we work and lead. Together, through an immersive experience, we build an understanding of how our leadership could become more compassionate, person-centred and outcome-focused.

Tailored to address your own organisational and leadership context, the bespoke design of the Collective Leadership Lab™ is grounded in evidence-based, applied and practical leadership development, OD and whole systems approaches.

Collective Leadership means enabling everyone to:

  • take action for quality of care overall, not just in their own area
  • take a lead whenever & wherever they have expertise, capability and motivation
  • spend frequent time discussing care quality and how to improve it

Collective Leadership is complementary to a more traditional ‘pace-setting’ and ‘command and control’ approach. It is increasingly important when the leadership issues we face are unprecedented, long-term, involving complex interdependent work between people, teams and organisations.

In a health and social care context, there are clear evidence-based links between the development of collective leadership and a culture of high quality care and compassion for staff and patients. In a commercial context, there are links with higher staff engagement and more innovation.

The Collective Leadership Labenables teams and groups of leaders and colleagues within an organisation to co-create the conditions needed for people to do their best work – in other words:

  •   Create psychological safety and build trust
  •   Have honest conversations about Shared Purpose - where do we agree and disagree?
  •   Stop blaming people for things beyond their control
  •   Communicate honestly about tensions/ disagreement
  •   Empathise and inquire into different perspectives
  •   Embed OD approaches into everyday leadership work


Who is it for?

Creating a collective, compassionate culture can only be achieved by bringing together the people in organisations who jointly do real work, in real time, on real issues and in real contexts. Collective leadership is a collective, not an individual, activity!

The Collective Leadership Lab™ is ideally suited to:

  • Teams and organisations wishing to move away from ‘silo working’ to a more collaborative approach
  • Leadership teams wanting to engender a more compassionate, enabling culture
  • Groups of colleagues who wish to jointly model collaborative, compassionate leadership
  • Leadership teams needing to balance a 'pace-setting' agenda with engagement and empowerment 
  • Teams seeking to work with patients as genuine partners in their work

What impact does it have?

"Most powerful for me was really appreciating how disempowered people can feel throughout the organisation - sometimes through lack of awareness by more senior folk - and not feeling valued for the vital role that they are contributing. Together, we can change this!" Chief Executive, Sheffield-based charity
"The Lab was a brilliant day. We have turbulent, unpredictable times and this development work left no doubt: how we as leaders and colleagues behave together can release energy for change among our workforce so that every customer feels they are special.” Managing Director, UK healthcare company
"This approach is underpinning our work as senior leaders and the executive team to shape and agree how we empower our large and diverse workforce to deliver their best for patients" 
Chief Executive, NHS Foundation Trust
To discuss the Collective Leadership Laboratoryand our other collective leadership work, feel free to contact us.