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Healthy Organisational Culture

Culture is not something ‘out there’, beyond our influence.It is something we create, reinforce and shape every time we interact together. Cultures of collective leadership are linked with better quality and safer patient care.

Culture is not something ‘out there’, beyond our influence.
It is something we create, reinforce and shape every time we interact together.
Yes, there are many factors beyond our control, which influence the culture and climate in our organisations.
And yet our work with all kinds of teams consistently illustrates that
together we can shape many aspects of our organisational culture and climate ourselves.
This takes courageous work, and it’s hugely beneficial.

So how do we jointly shape a culture which enables us all to do our best work together?

At Impact4, we believe colleagues, leaders and teams need to own, shape and co-create the culture and climate they want.
We have developed a framework to help with this work, called Co-Creating Culture.
It isn’t perfect or finished; it is offered for comment and feedback.
I’d like us to develop it into a practical, realistic and inspiring basis
for conversations and development work on How we Co-Create our Culture

Please feel free to comment on it and offer suggested improvements here
See a detailed practical example of Co-Creating Culture here
And if you would like to discuss how this applies in your context, please contact me here!

Jeanne is helping our Executive team understand the positive value that a culture of collective leadership has on empowering a large and diverse workforce to deliver their best for patients.
— Chief Executive, NHS Foundation Trust
Jeanne was tasked with helping myself and two colleagues lead the cultural change in a busy service. Her support through some complex and challenging times was excellent. The outcome for us has been a better understanding of leading and thriving rather than merely managing and surviving.
— Clinical Director, NHS Foundation Trust