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Psychological Safety in Practice

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Practical and pragmatic approaches to developing psychological safety

Creating a climate of psychological safety enables colleagues, teams and organisations to raise concerns, resolve conflict, ensure safety, mitigate errors, learn continuously and improve performance (1)  

Twenty years of research on psychological safety demonstrates positive benefits for learning, engagement and performance in a wide range of organisations (2) 

Less evident is how to practically nurture psychological safety in a pressurised, highly-regulated and politicised workplace. The literature offers useful frameworks and strategic approaches, but translating these into everyday, operational practice can be complex work for leaders and teams.

In our practical, everyday work, what can we as leaders of teams and organisations do to create and nurture psychological safety?

At Impact4, we have developed a range of pragmatic approaches which our clients are finding powerful and applicable in their everyday work. Get in touch if you’d like to know more. And if you’re interested in how Psychological Safety fits into a broader approach to healthy organisational culture, this, have a look at this framework to help us Co-Create the Culture we want in our teams, organisations and systems.

(1) Frazier, M.L. et al (2017) Psychological Safety: A meta-analytic review and extension Personnel Psychology, 70, 113-165

(2) Edmondson, A. (2019) The Fearless Organization Wiley : New Jersey