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Systems Leadership Laboratory ®

What is it?

We increasingly need to work and lead beyond our organisations and across our communities to meet the needs of our clients, customers, patients and stakeholders.

We hear a lot about Systems Leadership, but what does this mean in practice? How do we extend our leadership behaviours and mindset to influence the wider system alongside our organisational responsibilities? And what gets in the way of this?

Designed by a team at Impact4, blending evidence, theory and practice, the Systems Leadership Laboratory® enables you to deeply explore how productive partnership and a whole systems approach can make your own leadership work more impactful beyond organisational boundaries. 

It is a practical, dynamic, high impact, experiential learning event, in which we create a “live” organisational system in the room, and learn through a ‘real-time’ laboratory approach.

Tailored to address your own organisational and partnership context, the bespoke design of the Systems Leadership Lab ® is grounded in applied and practical leadership development, OD and systems development approaches. It also integrates well into a wider, bespoke systems leadership development approach. 

Who is it for?

The Systems Leadership Lab ® is ideally suited to:

  • Organisations wishing to move away from ‘silo working’ to a more collaborative, cross-organisational approach

  • Partner organisations wishing to enhance their joint working

  • Multi-agency partnerships wanting a collaborative, innovative culture

  • Leadership teams needing to balance day-to-day organisational survival with forging future-focused strategic alliances

  • Leadership teams aiming to embed client or customer needs at the heart of their organisation’s work

What impact does it have?

Around 2000 leaders and colleagues have taken part in Impact4’s Systems Leadership Laboratory ® over the past 3 years, all over the UK.

"It is no exaggeration to say that your event yesterday attracted the most positive feedback we’ve ever had for an initiative on systems leadership that we have run"  Leadership Academy

“As multi-agency partners, it enabled us to move through our complex relationships, brought us together and moved strategic issues into action” Service Director, Metropolitan Borough Council

“This systems leadership learning has stopped me in my tracks - quite profound for me - a catalyst for a complete mindset shift.” Former Business Analyst, Global Banking/ Strategic Development Manager, NHS

“This developmental work on leading across organisations was a pivotal point for me” OD Lead, NHS Trust

“This was practical learning - relevant and engaging – and will help us lead collectively rather than in silos.”
Multi-agency Project Lead

“Felt a challenging but safe way to learn how to deal with complex situations across organisations.”
Team Leader, Ambulance Service

“Excellent - if more people had access to this type of development we could significantly improve how we work and lead” Clinical Lead, Cancer Charity

To discuss the Systems Leadership Laboratory™ and our other systems leadership work, feel free to contact us.