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Weston Park App


Download the 'Working Together' app for Weston Park here.

Because it's a private app specific to Weston Park, the process is slightly different as it's not publicly available on the app stores. Use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch if you have any technical issues!


Click on the button below from your phone. It won't work if you're on a computer. 

You'll get a message that says Open this page in "iTunes Store"?

Click "Open" and sign in with your Apple ID password, then the app will automatically download. 


Click on the button below from your phone. It will take you to the Google Play Store, and allow you to download the app for free.

Technical Support

If you have any issues with installing or using the app, please get in touch using the form below. 

Optional, but useful if you'd like us to call you to help with any technical questions.
If you could say what steps you were taking when the problem happened, or let us know any error messages, that would be very helpful.
Device *